Construction and assembly activities

SERF is a specialist in the construction and assembly of electrical installations in a turn-key relationship. To this end, SERF implements its experience and know-how of more than 40 years combined with state-of-the-art equipment. In this area we offer: Assembly, reconstruction of masonry transformers, monoblocks, all The authorized models and their equipment, including civil works and the provision of technologies. Construction of post-processing stations. Construction and reconstruction of the external lines of BT, MT and HT and of the isolated air networks HT and BT. Installation of HT and LV cable trays. Dismantling of electrical equipment Individual connections.

SERF is able to carry out all the necessary operations for the construction of LV / MV / HV and EHV power lines. To this end, SERF has: A workshop for the manufacture of pylons on a surface of 4500 m² covered, and a storage space of 20000 m², with a production capacity close to 900 Tons / month. All-terrain lifting gear for use in rough and flat terrain. Teams of experienced assemblers in the realization of all types of power line. Low-voltage installation and control control, SERF is able to intervene in the low voltage installations of transformer stations, whether this intervention is in the scope of an extension, a restructuring or a turnkey project.