Manufacturing of Molds


A dynamic and continuous analysis since 1990 made by various specialists on the evolution and future of the market of reinforced concrete poles as well as existing projects of current and potential financing and demand of the masses in Morocco as well as in the region of North Africa, revealed important needs. To this end and in order to diversify the supply of reinforced concrete posts and other prefabricated structures, SERF initiated the installation of a reinforced concrete support plant and the production of precast concrete structures for The field of BTP.


To be an international reference in the field of the engineering of electrical works in high voltage, low voltage and public lighting.


SERF specializes in the production of reinforced concrete columns, the construction and turnkey installation of reinforced concrete column manufacturing plants in Morocco and Africa, and the production of prefabricated concrete structures used in the construction of buildings, roads, Electrification and in all fields of civil engineering.

This production unit was created in 1999 by a group of engineers who participated in the construction of road, rail, port, airport and electrical infrastructure and the construction of public buildings.

Since its creation, we have become market leaders thanks to its varied products of exceptional quality, production capacity and wide network of implantation on the national territory.

Accepted by ONEE (National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water) for the manufacture of reinforced concrete posts BT / MT / HT.


Located at Tnine Loudaya Road in Agadir-Marrakech, (commune of Loudaya), the site is located 30 kilometers from the city of Marrakech towards Chichaoua and extends over an area of six (06) hectares operated by production facilities And the storage of poles and other prefabricated products. The creation of this production unit originates from the desire to participate in the development of Morocco according to its master plan, investment in disadvantaged rural areas and major construction projects.


The plant is subdivided into five (05) main areas:

  1. The administrative area consisting of the offices, the meeting room and the waiting room for guests and visitors;
  2. The input storage area:
    • Storage of aggregates (sand and gravel) with a capacity of 1 500 m3 each;
    • Cement storage store with a capacity of 400 tons;
  3. The reinforcement zone consisting of 2 stations attached to the standardized concrete storage area;
  4. The molding and cleaning shed:
    • Concrete production area consisting of two (02) cement mixers of 600 liters each, two (2) pouring spouts with respective capacities of 250 and 300 liters actuated by a 3.5 tons crane;
    • Five (05) spans of (12) molds or (60) molds;
    • Tens of different sized molds for prefabricated concrete products;
    • Drainage area consisting of four (04) water basins with a capacity of 60 PBA each;
  5. The storage and loading area for PBA and prefabricated concrete products:
    • Seven (10) storage spans of BA posts, 700 m2 each;
    • One (01) PBA loading span;
    • A storage space of 20000m² for prefabricated concrete products;


The main characteristic of the plant lies in the type of mold used. These are reinforced metal molds allowing the concrete to perfectly match the shape of each mold.

The factory has 60 independent molds. Each mold is equipped with a vibrator of new generation allowing a perfect compaction of the poured concrete. Each mold is capable of manufacturing different post lengths.

In the production process, in order to improve the quality of the finished product and to reinforce its strength, a specially designed superplasticizer additive is incorporated into the concrete.


Special emphasis has been placed by SERF on the quality of investments, with the aim of reducing the difficulty of the work and the number of people involved in the pole production line while accelerating the production process.

Concrete production: two (02) concrete mixers with a capacity of 600 liters each (with automated admission of water to guarantee an optimal quality to the concrete) and each producing 3 m3 of concrete per hour. A concrete mixer with a capacity of 1,000 liters can be used as a relay in case of maintenance or breakdown observed on one of the two mixers.

Casting of concrete: two pouring spouts of 250 and 300 liters, operated by a rolling bridge, ensure a rapid and leak-free distribution of the concrete in each mold.

Handling of the posts: three (03) remote controlled cranes of 3.5 and 5 tons, respectively, handle the PBAs from the shed to the clearing area and then to the storage and loading area.

2 forklift trucks for handling heavy loads within the factory.

The production capacity in normal operation is 100 poles / day.


In order to provide and guarantee an impeccable and irreproachable quality to reinforced concrete supports manufactured within the factory of the SERF Company, 3 provisions have been implemented. It's about :

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