Mission and Values

Integral project development, providing answers to all needs through innovative, comprehensive, efficient and quality solutions.


To contribute to economic and technological progress, in a sustainable way, through a highly competitive and constantly growing organization specializing in the execution of engineering and equipment projects in the energy, infrastructure, industrial and environmental sectors.


Be a leading company, constantly growing and internationally expanding, and highly competitive in terms of human resources, technology and profitability for its shareholders.



All activities carried out by employees or suppliers of SERF must be carried out under maximum security conditions, as the integrity of our team is the most important.

Passion and Illusion

The passion and the illusion that we put in everything we do allows the company SERF to achieve all its objectives.

Competitiveness and Efficiency

All activities developed by SERF must be carried out with maximum efficiency, which translates into a continuous improvement of competitiveness.


Quality is an intrinsic value of SERF, which aims to offer products and services that strive for excellence.