Our Resources

SERF disposes of enormous human and material resources for the realization of the worksites, including:

Our factory of metallic structures in series, is located at Tnine Loudaya Road of Agadir-Marrakech, equipped by production lines with numerical control (plates, corners and other structural profiles), under a covered surface of 4500m2 in a total area Of 60000 m ².
It has a manufacturing capacity of 9000t / year.

We are among the oldest manufacturers in Morocco and the largest boilermaking company in the southern region and are qualified and equipped for the manufacture of:

  • Pylons, modules, adaptations and fittings for BT / MT / HT lines
  • Metal frame
  • Structures for Sub-Stations
  • Lattice Pylons for Telecommunications
  • Manufacture of public lighting and telecommunication candelabras...
  • Apparatus and structures according to drawings

Our workshops with a total area of 4500 m2 are equipped with high-performance welding and boilermaking equipment, enabling SERF to meet the requirements of its customers.

We have high-performance cutting equipment (machine saws of large and small profiles, guillotines, shears ...), drilling (digital drilling machine of profiles, hydraulic punching machine, milling machine ...), welding (semi automatic welding stations) The machines and small tools indispensable for the work of framework and boilerwork.

Our workshops benefit from a strategic location to serve and transport the products manufactured throughout Morocco.