Renewable energy

As a reference in energy production, SERF ENERGIES RENOUVLABLES has also developed specific responses to the needs of its customers in the field of photovoltaic and solar energy.

An initiative benefiting from the transfer of know-how enabling it to propose a solar photovoltaic offer ranging from roof installations of a few kW to large solar parks of several tens of MW.

Thanks to a competence center dedicated to renewable energies that guarantees from the design to the installation, the global realization of projects integrated into the building in photovoltaic and solar:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Installation of systems
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and operation

Our values :

  • Focus on the client;
  • Innovation;
  • Large-scale services with competent advice;
  • Proximity and reactivity.

SERF ENERGIES RENOUVELABLES attaches particular care to the selection of technicians to intervene on the site. Technicians qualified in electricity and solar photovoltaic systems benefit from the know-how and authorizations required to perform the services requested.

To design, implement and manage operations, SERF ENERGIES RENOUVELABLES sets up a tailor-made organization to guarantee:

  • Continuity of service;
  • Continuity of services;
  • Secure interventions with competent staff on site;
  • A recognized quality of work.


We build strong and lasting relationships with our customers and with all of our partners. Our goal is to fully understand the needs of our clients and offer them advice and solutions that fit their needs perfectly.

Nous aspirons à être reconnus comme une entreprise dévouée à ses clients et à ses partenaires, toujours accessible et garante d’une excellente valeur ajoutée.


A solar photovoltaic panel can generate electricity from sunlight. A photovoltaic panel is made up of 6 components:

  • Tempered glass on the high-transmission front
  • Fine films of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) that allows to stick and protect the photovoltaic cells from water and dust
  • The photovoltaic cells that will convert light into electricity
  • The TPT (Tedlar-Polyester-Tedlar) on the rear
  • The junction box allows the simple and efficient connection of the photovoltaic panels and the electrical protection of the panels
  • The anodised aluminum frame for the maintenance and installation of the panels